This is Kadir's old neighborhood.  While wandering around, we ran into many of his friends from his school (college, high school, and even elementary school) days.  While taking this picture, Kadir was accosted by a man who tried to sell him the building.  Kadir told him "...we (locals) sold you the building forty years ago, what makes you think we want it back?"

The cobblestone streets were covered by asphalt thirty years or so ago.

The university is pushing some remodeling projects in the area:

This area, as is common in most of the poor areas of Turkey, is more outwardly religious.  These, obviously, are not students.

These, however, are students.  Scruffy university types are universal.  I also liked the juxtaposition of the modern building on the right with the old wood-slat building (which is actually an internet cafe) on the left.

A closer view of the internet cafe...the roof may leak, and the building may be eight hundred years old, but darn it, we have internet!

Some of the houses have been restored or rebuilt to look like they must have when new.  Note the wash drying on second floor railing.

Kids are kids.  In this case, the kids are towing plastic bread racks on strings:

The house may be falling down around them, but at least they get satellite TV!

Turkish grafiti.  While it starts off as what most translate as "Hey, Foreigner!", what it actually means is more along the lines of "Hey, you who do not live here, this is the (local soccer team's) loyal fans!"  Or words to that effect.

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