We stayed overnight in the same city (Goreme) as last time; in the same hotel...I was in the same room.  If you have a good thing going...why change?

Here is a shot down the main street, looking toward the hotel:

The Pasha Han, the hotel that we prefer.

The back of the hotel is built into the very living rock, and you can see carved there the last words of...well, no, actually, the bottom three rooms are carved into the soft rock-like matrix that is responsible for the geologic features of the region.  This is what you see when you come in the front door.  The door in the center of the picture is the middle of the three "cave" rooms.  Upstairs are more conventional rooms, but who cares about that?

A "taller" version of the center section of the hotel; you can see the doors to the upper floor rooms behind the bell...

The view to the right as you enter; the stairs lead up to the second floor rooms (and the third floor restaurant and terrace).

The largest of the three "cave" rooms, the center room.  Before the owner made this into a hotel, this room was used for wine storage.

And now that we know where we are staying, lets continue on to the Goreme Open Air Museum!