This page details some examples of the type of shotguns and rifles that Dreadnaught Industries would be proud to build for you. While we do sell off-the-rack guns, the people of DI specialize in custom weapons systems built one-at-a-time to your specifications!

We think that the Saiga shotgun is the most innovative and effective choice for a hard-use or competition shotgun available today. However, as they are imported in "sporting configuration," those shotguns have to upgraded to do well in...the shooting sports. Don't try to make sense of that line, it is a government thing (doubleplusgood!). Shown over a standard Saiga 12 gauge shotgun is a DI model S12-IPSC full-blown Open gun, featuring a Molycoated receiver with a complete rebuild that allows reloading a full 10-round magazine to a closed-bolt (a WFCG innovation first seen here at DI!), side-folding stock with adjustable comb, C-More dot sight, Polychoke, Galil-style handguard, and a SAW-style grip.

The left side of a S12-IPSC, showing the contrasting receiver and displaying a Saiga in proper sporting configuration for 3-Gun competition.

DI model S12-IPSC Open gun, featuring a shortened gas system, 18.1" barrel with choke tubes and our new mid-barrel compensator, ACE Skeleton side-folding stock, Doctor red dot sight on a McCoy mount, Tromix Galil-style handguard, and a SAW-style grip. Fast!

Two more examples of our Saiga shotgun conversions. The top shotgun is a S12-Basic, 12 gauge with a collapsible stock, SAW grip, extended safety and magazine release, polished and tuned to allow loading a full magazine to a closed bolt, and upgraded from the basic package with a Doctor sight on a custom mount in the rear dovetail. The bottom shotgun is a S20-Basic in the same configuration with the same features, fitted with a Poly-Choke. Note the 1913 rail on the hand guard, intended for easily mounting a flashlight as needed.

This shotgun is a Saiga-20 with an adjustable-height Tromix "competition" stock, SAW grip, Galil-style forend with left-side rail for flashlights or a sling mount, Polychoke, custom scope mount with a "bulletproof" Doctor red-dot sight, and extended magazine release/safety. This gun was built for the two-time Texas State Lady's Three Gun Champion.

This shotgun is a S-12 Basic (iron) with stock adjustable for height and length, SAW grip, extended safety with bolt catch, extended magazine catch, and a set of Krebs ghost-ring sights.

This shotgun is a S-12 built to a customer's specifications with H&K pattern sights, trimmed 3-rail forend, and a AR-15 folding stock

This shotgun is one of two test bed platforms of one of the most innovative Saiga 'smiths on the US competition circuit. Featured in the Russian shooting sports magazine and extensively documented by factory representatives, this shotgun features a mid-barrel compensator and radically modified gas and bolt system. The next generation configuration by the same gunsmith has a shortened gas system to allow use of low-power (and low-cost!) ammunition. Note the handmade 12 round magazines, finished in matching Russian Red!

This shotgun is another example of the DI S12-Basic, and is fitted with a M4-type stock adjustable for height and length, SAW grip, optional Polychoke, optional Tromix mount with a J-point red-dot sight, extended magazine release and safety, and a left-side mounting rail for lights or a sling mount. This is a solid performer for entry-level USPSA Open 3-Gun or backyard blasting!

This uncataloged shotgun was built from a Saiga-20 with an AR15 stock adaptor and CAR-15 stock, SAW grip, and a AK-47 mount with an ATN red dot.

While we prefer modern guns, we do like antiques! This Remington 1100 features a 22" barrel fitted with a M14-style flash hider/muzzle brake (to keep from burning the 10-round magazine tube), Arrondondo speed chute with extended loading gate, extended controls, lengthened forcing cone, polished chamber, and a tuned trigger. The second barrel and a really (really) long magazine plug (not shown) were added so the customer could take the same shotgun dove hunting...

Another antique! This Winchester 94AE started as a Wrangler, and had the large lever loop changed to standard lever with kangaroo leather wrap, the rear sight removed and the dovetail filled, a Lyman tang sight fitted, the action trued and highly polished, chamber polished, and fancy border hand-cut checkering added to the factory stock and forend. A slick little Cowboy Action rifle!

Tuned for Classic Cowboy, this Winchester 1873 clone in 45 Colt has a 20-inch octagon barrel, 4 1/4"-throw short stroke lever with polished engagement surfaces, 1/16" brass bead front sight, and extra-fancy custom checkering.

This rifle started as a Remington 700 PSS in .300 Winchester Magnum, and now features a tuned action and trigger, fully functional 8-round detachable magazines, and a Springfield illuminated 6-24 scope on a 20moa rail for long distance work.