This is Uchisar Castle (read about it HERE).  Note the flag on top; you will see that again.  Also note the complete lack of handrails, vigilant park rangers, safety-conscious Boy Sprouts, and litigious lawyers.  Turkey has lawyers; they are employed in business and not suing on behalf of people too dumb to keep from falling off really tall things.  One of the many things I like about Turkey; if you want to injure or kill yourself doing something stupid, have at it.

Yes, the sky was that color of blue.  No filters, no camera tricks, and my hands were attached to my arms the whole time!

The view from near the top.

The view from near the top, looking down into ruins.  Still an excellent opportunity for the handyman!  It just needs 4,350,400 pounds of "spackle..."

The flag from a few pictures ago...look, people cheerfully engaged in not falling off!

A very nice view from the top.

A nice view down the Avcilar Valley, with the added fun of some Official Turkish Safety Barriers there in the bottom left corner.  White PVC pipe with red stripes, warning you that there is a huge crack and the entire edge is about to fall hundreds of feet to the ground.  I know because I went and looked; the dangers I do in the name of international tourism!

A typical fat American, probably about to fall to his doom.  I bet he snores, too.