We just happened to be in the Cappadocia region in time for a complete solar eclipse.  What a coincidence!  I planned to get up on something tall and pronounce doom on everyone who did not worship me.  When they laughed (expected, but still painful), I would then threaten to TAKE AWAY THE SUN.  Armed with this plan, we drove along the road until we found a likely spot from which to start a new religion.  It was full of French tourists, but luckily they were equipped with plenty of white towels.  "Don't get between Frenchmen and their surrender towels," that is my motto. We climbed up to the top of the flat area there on the upper right.

The view to the left was rather spectacular.

The view to the right, past the sights and sounds of cheese being swilled and surrender being planned, was also rather nice.

The entire eclipse, as any astromer would tell you (but we didn't expect because we were dumb) took hours.  The sun disappeared little by little, until finally there were four minutes of this (taken without a filter):

A bit of a zoom (pay no attention to the lint on the lens there):

Looking left again, during the eclipse.  1400 local!  Cars on the road turned their lights on.  The dredging operation across the river kept...dredging...but the construction equipment turned their floodlights on.  The French tourists didn't speak English, which ruined my plans for World Domination through religion.  Back to the drawing board.

Nothing unusual here, just keep driving.  Lights are useful, though.

With the return of the sun, we clambered down off our rock and took one more picture.

Andy, at great danger to life and limb, took this sequence of pictures of the eclipse.  See the dangerous footage here!

And that is all of this section.