Other Props

Colt Pistols with one-piece grips and silver snakes, ala Fist Full of Dollars

"Space: 1999" Stunner and Comlock

"Logan's Run"

Freddy glove from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and Hellraiser puzzle box

Bladerunner PKD

Del Tin "Braveheart", Raven "Atlantean", Albion "Father's Sword, Factory X "Blade", Gerber MK2 "Aliens", Gerber TAC2 "Big Trouble in Little China", Factory X "Scorpion King"

"Futurama" Bender Diorama

"South Park" Cartman, B-1B Pilot

Conan Priest Medallion

Pirates of The Caribbean Aztec Curse Coin

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