The People of Dreadnaught Industries

Alex_Shotgun_3GN2007.jpg (275969 bytes) Bill_Shotgun_3GN2007.jpg (275969 bytes) Fred_Shotgun_3GN2007.jpg (370318 bytes)
Alex with prototype shotgun Bill with Saiga-12 Fred with Saiga-12
Alex_Shotgun2_3GN2007.jpg (275969 bytes) Alex_Pistol_3GN2007.jpg (370318 bytes) Fred_Pistol_3GN2007.jpg (388636 bytes)
Alex at 2007 USPSA 3-Gun Nationals Alex at 2007 Texas Limited Fred at 2007 Texas Limited
Alex with Saiga at 2008 USPSA 3-Gun Fred with Saiga Fred, Alex, and their little wagons too!
Liota in the mud at the 2008 USPSA Open Nationals Alex shooting in the mud Fred breaking a door at the 2009 LaRue 3-Gun Saiga12_Fred.JPG (273429 bytes) monkey_shooter_ready.jpg (64748 bytes)
Alex on a .308 Minigun, 2009 LaRue 3-Gun Fred with his Saiga-12 Dreadnaught's Mascot, ready to shoot!
cowboy_alex1.jpg (46221 bytes) Dan_Robby.JPG (2163537 bytes) Dan_Pulserifle.JPG (1177507 bytes)
The Lone Iguana Dan with the B9 Robot and Bob May Sshhh...Be vewy vewy quiet. Dan's hunting Aliens
Bill_Marina.jpg (275969 bytes) Dan_Marina.jpg (370318 bytes) Larry_Marina.jpg (388636 bytes)
Bill with Marina Sirtis Dan with Marina Sirtis Larry with Marina Sirtis
EMPLOYEE LIST: Alex Wakal, Liota Wakal, Fred Hindman, CD Dunn, Bill Powe, Cary Baker, Bill Lenches, Dan Joplin, John Luebano, Ian Hayes, Darlyne Hayes