From the grandeur that is Kocatepe, we went over to the old section of Ankara.  This part of the city dates from 1200, more or less, and is now used mainly for University housing.  First is this small mosque dating from the same period, although obviously repaired now and then.  It used to be called "Blonde Woman Mosque", as the street was "Blonde Woman Street", but when the radical religious government took over they renamed it "Blonde Cleric Mosque".  Go figure.

Through the door, the path leads by a small building for washing (before prayer) and next to a graveyard.

Looking back from the door of the mosque to the graveyard:

I will apologize in advance: the light was terrible, and so are the two pictures from inside the mosque.  This first one though, shows the common features: chandeliers and the stairway.

The lower section is for men, while the upper is for women.  No comment.

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