Dreadnaught Industries LLC is a licensed dealer and manufacturer, located near Zephyr, Texas. We sell everything from stock factory guns to wild custom creations, from micro-sized .22 pistols to long-range sniper weapon systems. Dreadnaught Industries LLC specializes in cutting-edge hard-use equipment for the serious shootist as well as guns that are just plain fun to take to the range and plink. Everything from folding-stock 20-round 12 gauge auto-loading shotguns to pink rifles, we can build it to your personal specifications. Our team of professional instructors and avid competition shooters are here to teach the basics, Texas or Florida Concealed Carry courses, high-speed low-drag shooting, or IPSC/IDPA/3-Gun/SASS competition to beginners or advanced students, individually or in groups.

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DI-15 Receivers

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NOTE: Due to the California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) Program, as per AB 2521, Chapter 784, Session 2005-2006, Dreadnaught Industries LLC will not sell any firearms to any government entity or individual in California with the sole exception of US Military personnel sentenced to California duty. If you want one of our firearms, move to America.

NOTE 2: We prefer the smooth delivery and friendly service of UPS or USPS. Fedex is...problematic...and we prefer not to use them. If they have bribed your company to the point where you are not allowed the freedom of choice, please contact us.